"Change the vision": Bunka Gakuen Japanese Fashion Show at Seattle Central


The Japanese University Bunka Gakuen University presented its 14th Keyakisai Fashion show at the Seattle Central Community College on Sunday Sept 23rd. Buna Gakuen has been holding shows in the United States since 2002, giving a great opportunity to students from the Department of International Fashion and Culture studies to exercise their talents and access the global scene. Through this show the Bunka Gakuen University proudly promoted its educational motto: “Nurturing global-minded creators for the international fashion arena”. The theme chosen by the department for this year was “Change the Vision”. The theme of change was selected to express the idea that by changing the way you view life, you can create a new world for yourself.

The production successfully culminated all the knowledge that the third year students have been learning.  Students were involved in the entire production, including design, planning, modeling, lightening and sound. The Fashion show presented nine set of clothing and style inspired by different theme: survival, technology, timeless beauty, empowerment, rules and regulation in fashion, identity, exercise of power, freedom, beauty of humanity. The collection deftly mixed tradition and modernity, cheerfulness and sobriety, elegance and causal-charm.

Once again, Keyakisai Fashion show 2012, offered an excellent opportunity for students, professors and fashionista to discover and celebrate Japanese inspirations and styles.