Muses is proud to introduce its first trainees, Luan and Niang


Luan and Niang are originally from Burma and belong to the Chin community. They now live in Tukwila. Luan used to work as a tailor and dress maker. Before moving to the US, she spent several years in a Burmese refugee camp in India.  Niang learned how to sew from her mother. She stayed many years in Malaysia and moved to WA State 5 years ago. Both are very excited to start the Muses Training. The 2 month training will offer them the opportunity to improve their professional skills and upon graduation, Luan and Niang hope to find a fair-paid job that will allow them to gain further financial independence.  This pilot training is a bright new adventure for both them and the Muses team. We are proud and excited to have Luan and Niang as our first students! Luan

Luan, Niang and her sister in law