Eco-Initiative: Muses and Green Eileen are now partnering to promote upcylced clothing

Muses is proud to announce its partnership with GREEN EILEEN, a socially-conscious clothing store located in Seattle Columbia City's neighborhood. GREEN EILEEN is a recycled clothing initiative. Customers will find professionally cleaned, gently worn EILEEN FISHER clothing for purchase at an affordable price. Muses is glad to be part of an Eco-initiative started by Eileen Fisher Inc. In 2005, the company implemented organic and fair trade practices in their garment sourcing and manufacturing. Purchases from GREEN EILEEN help complete the sustainability life cycle.

We are now collaborating on creating a clothing line for infant and toddler. The Design for this line has been provided by Seattle designer Christina Pezzner from Ricicli (Ree-chee-clee). Muses is in charge of the production. Conscious consumers will soon have a chance to purchase meaningful items, ethically and locally made. This experimental project is a great opportunity for our students. They are currently learning the full process of creating a upcycled clothing line.

Thanks to Green Eileen, Muses is part of an exciting adventure. We will keep you posted on our progress!

Following are few pictures of the production process.

Eileen Fisher clothing is constructed from high quality fabrics and designed with a timeless elegance that endures the test of time. We are up-cycling  cashmere, silk, organic cotton and linen.




Ack, Annie and Yuki are learning how to use a pattern and to cut clothes ingeniously regarding the fabric' defects and shape.

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