Happy New Year 2014!


2013 was such a prolific year! Muses's pilot training was successfully completed by our 5 students - now graduates. Our 2 wonderful partnerships with local retailers and designers led to the promotion of Ethic and Sustainable initiatives.  With the help of our experienced and dedicated instructor Pennie Sangerman, BYDFAULT and GREEN EILEEN developed innovative up-cycled products. To add on its clothing line, Bydfault is currently working on producing upcycled bags derived from a kite used to kitesurf. Green Eileen chose Muses to experiment with the development of an upcycled children clothing line. Through these 2 partnerships Muses witnessed the increasing need for greater access to handmade local fashion and eco-friendly products. In 2014 we will be focusing our efforts on building a new team and on pursuing innovative collaborations with all the actors that lead the local fashion industry (fashion schools, designers, retailers, factories etc.). Muses supports fashion that is made mindfully and creatively. We aim at fostering the emergence of sustainable and meaningful manufacturing and craftsman jobs in King County.

If you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to contact us: info@seattlemuses.com

Below are a few pictures of Pennie and Annie hand sewing on buttons for one of the Green Eileen sweaters.  Enjoy!


IMG_8758  IMG_8778 IMG_8784 IMG_8787 IMG_8810IMG_8806