Seattle a hub for innovative fashion!

Fashion Designer Gei Chan, one of Muses' amazing advisors, was featured in the last issue of Seattle Magazine!"
A visionary throughout her career, Gei embraces Seattle's distinctive style.  She senses the same energy and creativity currently in Seattle that she also experienced during the beginning of San Francisco's rise as a major fashion city in the US.  Never one to follow the mainstream, Seattle is home to many artists with bold, new ideas.  As Gei states herself:   “Seattle marches to the tune of a different drum, thank goodness! There’s a lot of individuality here. Part of the reason may be geographic: We’re far enough away from the major fashion centers to create with more freedom. It won’t surprise me if in a few years the rest of the world will look to Seattle as innovators.”
Muses believes that Seattle is  the right place to address consumer's growing desire to access ingenious clothing that fit better their conscious life style and ethical values. Authentic, charismatic, extravagant and innovative, Seattle is the ideal city to build, grow, and set new trends.
Below, Seattle’s individual style embodied by Fashion designer Gei Chan:

PHOTO CREDIT: Hayley Young (from Seattle Magazine, January 2014)