Muses is joining the Fashion Revolution Movement!



Today is big day. This is Fashion Revolution Day! Muses is celebrating fashion as a positive influence, and all those who contribute to making it so. Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? It is time to remember that million of people are working hard everyday to produce our clothes and sadly, a majority of them are facing terrible condition of work.

A year after the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, fashion industry leaders, campaigners, press and academics from within the sector and beyond are coming together today to launch a Fashion Revolution Campaign. This campaign aims to build connections throughout the fashion supply chain, linking the cotton farmer, the dyer and the seamstress with the consumer. The Fashion industry has impacts on so many and, as such, it also has the potential to improve millions of lives around the world.

We need to stop the human costs of cheap clothing! According to the Guardian (Article published on Saturday 19 April 2014), today campaigners want to demonstrate their anger. They are outraged by  the failure of some of the brands which used the Rana Plaza factory to give adequate recompense to the injured and the families of victims. Some 800 children were orphaned in the tragedy, while hundreds of others were left crippled and unable to work. The UN agency in charge of the compensation scheme recently revealed that only just over a third – $15m – of the $40m target had so far been raised. The collapse of the factory killed 1,133 people and injured more than 2,500. Only half have paid into the fund run by the International Labour Organisation, with some giving as little as $167,844. Brands which have not paid include Matalan, Benetton and JC Penney.

Muses is currently working hard to propose a local alternative to unethical manufacturing practices while providing disadvantaged communities training and job opportunities. If you want to support our mission contact us:

Lean more about how the clothes you are wearing get to you, watch the following documentary made by Guardian journalists: "The shirt on your back"

Today, change the way you look at the clothes you wear. Wear your clothes inside out and post a picture on Muses Facebook page and tweet: Today I’m wearing my (shirt/dress/T-shirt etc.) #InsideOut because I want to ask @(brand/retailer) Who Made Your Clothes?