Namita Paul, Muses Board of Directors, is presenting her artwork at the annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium


Namita Paul, Muses' Board of Directors, former fashion designer and instructor, is also a talented artist. Namita has been selected to participate in the The Seventeenth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium organized by the University of Washington. She is currently presenting samples of her work  at the Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

 Namita Paul Work SamplesDisruption III, Namita Paul

The Symposium provides an opportunity to discuss cutting edge research topics and to examine the connection between research and education. The event includes poster and presentation sessions by students from all academic disciplines.


Namita Paul Work Samples 2Winter 2014, Namita Paul

The Muses team would like to congratulate Namita for her hard work. This is also an opportunity for us to celebrate the art of creation. Thanks to designers, "makers" of all goods, amateurs or professionals artists, for bringing fantasy and poetry  in our everyday life!

Give to barrows, trays, and pans..Grace and glimmer of romance; Bring the moonlight into noon..Hid in gleaming piles of stone; On the city's paved street..Plant gardens lined with lilac sweet; Let spouting fountains cool the air, Singing in the sun-baked square; Let statue, picture, park, and hall, Ballad, flag, and festival, The past restore, the day adorn, And make each morrow a new morn. So shall the drudge in dusty frock Spy behind the city clock Retinues of airy kings, Skirts of angels, starry wings, His fathers shining in bright fables, His children fed at heavenly tables. 'T is the privilege of Art..Thus to play its cheerful part..

    ..Ralph  Waldo Emerson

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IMG_9004Namita Paul, presenting her work during the 7th UW Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium