Mary's delightful world of couture

Doc Dylane (21 of 41)In her cozy little house located in South Seattle, Mary elegantly revives the art of creating high-quality, handcrafted clothing. With style and dexterity, Mary brings to life large panels of colorful fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and veil. She studied fashion and design in Nairobi, Kenya for three years.  She brought with her experience and passion for sewing all way to Seattle. In addition to her demanding work as a stay home mom of two little kids, Mary loves taking on new sewing projects that her girlfriends request. She is always delighted when she witnesses her friends' satisfaction when wearing their new gown: “When I see how beautiful and radiant a woman feels while trying on the dress I made for her, I’m fulfilled.” Life led Mary toward unexpected paths. Ten years ago, she had to move to the US and adapt to the changes that were occurring in her life. In addition to adjusting to her new social role as a mother, Mary had to learn how to fit into a new cultural environment. She eventually met supportive and caring friends through her church.  Mary is now surrounded by a loving family and community.  Despite changing and troubling times, sewing has always been a consistent element of her life.

See bellow samples of Mary's last project: upcycled t-shirt and skirt with traditional fabric from Burkina Faso. The result is stunning!

Mary found her inspiration through her father. “My father had an amazing sense of elegance.” She recalls her father wearing white and neat linen suits. What she also took from her father was his tenacity and his ambition. Mary’s father started his career as an elementary school bus driver. While waiting for the classes to end, Mary's father used to stand behind the window of the classroom to listen to the teacher's lecture. This genuine daily routine helped him build his own education. After years of hard work and determination, he became the mayor of his city.  “My father always told m e to hold on to my dreams. He wanted me to believe in myself.” Mary owes her interest for fashion and design to her aunt. She was a professional designer, pattern maker, tailor and dressmaker. When she was a child, Mary remembers admiring the elegant and extravagant outfits that her aunt would always wear for family events. Mary became a professional herself.  She has refined tastes and knows how to flatter the natural curves of a woman's body. Thanks to her great listening skills, patience and determination, Mary can create a dress that matches someone's personality and style.

Sewing is a fine art. It teaches people listening skills, patience, tenacity, creativity and bravery. Each pieces created by Mary mirrors her perseverance, her diligence and tidiness. Every sewing projects present some sort of challenges: looking for the right fabrics, designing patterns that will marry perfectly unique body shapes, handling the complexity of construction, and such. But when it comes to the realization of the garment, such challenges vanished.

Warmth, elegance, color, transparency are all the elements that you can find in Mary’s world of couture. Mary reminds us that: creating, embellishing and restoring are all the attributes that characterize the art of sewing . Through her passion, Mary revives a noble profession.