Join us on one exciting, fun adventure! We need you!

Niang working on the next creation during our pilot training.  Can't wait to start classes again! I am usually quite affected by the weather, but even the graying Seattle skies can’t bring me down.  I am more excited than I have ever been about Muses.  A year after our pilot program, we are getting close to launching our full training program!   I. Really. Cannot. Wait.   As Sandrine shared in an earlier post, we have lots of great momentum going into the end of the year…and unlike the clouds above, the future is looking quite bright.  :)

3 things I’m especially excited about:

1. Completing our curriculum: How we found an instructor who is experienced in both the fashion industry and working with low-income immigrant communities still blows my mind.  Every day I am thankful for the talented Christine Tsui, who is finalizing our curriculum in collaboration with members of the fashion industry.

2. Opening a new studio: Last year when we closed our old studio, I felt a mix of nostalgia for all the memories with our awesome first students…and anticipation for what the future may hold.  The time has now finally come!  We’ve been on the hunt for a new studio space in South Seattle that will be more accessible for our students.  Also, we are starting to scope out new equipment (sewing machines, cutting tables, etc.) to be used in our classes.

3. People, people, people: Through Muses we have gotten to work with some of the most fascinating people who have joined us on our mission.  I’m also very excited to finally start working with the many designers who have contacted us for services.  And above all, I cannot wait to meet and get to know our new group of students .  This is by far my favorite part.

Our incredible team, incredible volunteers, and incredible mentors (we are lucky to be surrounded by so much "incredibleness") are all working very hard to get all the pieces lined up to start our new class next year.  As mentioned, we are currently looking for a new studio space and also to get all the needed equipment and materials for our next wave of students.  All these things cost money.

This is where you can make a big impact.    

On November 10 we will be launching our 26-day online crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $10K.  Are you also excited about helping low-income immigrants and refugees find sustainable employment?  Or are you drawn to the idea of  building a local fashion studio specializing in ethical and low volume production?  Would you consider donating and help spread the word?

This is a critical step in us being able to launch our classes next year.  We cannot do it without your help.

Stay tuned in the coming week for more information!  I hope you will join us in fighting against financial instability for low-income immigrants and refugees, while at the same time meeting the growing demand for ethically and locally produced apparel.

Come become another member of our awesome community of…well, incredibleness.  :)

Until next time...Esther