A heartfelt thank you!

Muses Celebration 2014Caitlin (Muses crowfunding coordinator), Sandrine ( Muses co-founder), Kirin (Muses supporter!), Esther (Muses co-founder)

A heartfelt thank you to all the people who put their time and energy into Muses first fundraising campaign. Thank you to all our donors. We feel blessed to belong to an amazing caring community of supporters. While we reached our initial fundraising goal of $10,000, our campaign continued to received funds. We are excited to announce that we raised a total of $14,500!  Because of this collective support, Muses will continue its mission. Collaboratively with our partners, we will use the social values and professional opportunities that the ethical apparel production industry offers to address unemployment of low-come immigrant and refugee communities in Seattle.

These last two years, we have  been inspired and moved by the strength and courage of men, women and children who fled from torn apart countries to resettle in our communities. Our friends, supporters and mentors encouraged us and inspired us as well, to do the work we are doing.

Bellow are few inspirational quotes from our guests during our Celebration party on Saturday December 6th.

Quotes Muses 2014


The funds collected will be put towards the implementation of our Apparel Production Training Program. Muses next steps will be to buy industrial machines and other equipment for our students (i.e sewing tools, and other supplies such as thread, fabric, and paper for pattern-making).

We are still looking of a new studio that will be ideally located south Seattle (anywhere between International District and Tukwila) and close by the light rail station. Any relevant information or contacts are welcome! via info@seattlemuses.com

We are looking forward to pursuing this exciting adventure. In 2015 we will be welcoming new students, new teachers and teammates and we will be featuring beautiful designs from socially conscious local fashion Designers!

Thanks again Muses supporters for the words of encouragement and generosity!  quotes 2014quotes 2