Bellow Muses's first Studio.  We liked our first sewing studio but we are now looking for a bigger space. We haven't found the ideal studio yet. We need your help!

Muses 2013 StudioWe are looking for a 900 ft2 to 1,500 ft2 working/industrial sewing space that could welcome 10 to 15 students. We will have industrial machines, cutting tables, roll of fabrics etc. We are looking for a space with natural light, clean and safe.

Here are our requirements:

Space: between 900 ft2 to 1500 ft2

Length of the lease: 1 year preferred; 6-9 months negotiable

Location accessibility: Close to bus or light rail. South Seattle, anywhere from International District to Tukwila.

Electricity/power: We are going to use industrial machines (5/10 maximum), so we need a room with accessible outlets.

Layout/lunch room: It will be great to have access to sink and extra room for our students and staff to have lunch.

Parking:  Access to parking (including street parking) for instructor and staff

Storage: Not necessary but would be a plus

Any relevant information or contacts are welcome! Please contact us

Thank you for helping us make our vision come true!