Muses Is Hiring A Part Time Industrial Sewing Instructor!



Muses is looking for a Sewing Instructor to teach apparel production sewing techniques to beginners and more advanced students. Classes will be offered to groups of adult refugees  interested in building their skills and in obtaining sewing jobs in the local apparel industry. This is a part-time position approximately six to eight hours per week, 2 days a week. Please apply by Friday December 18th!

2015-11-02 18.05.28


  • Help develop sewing curriculum
  • Offer an introduction class on production cost estimation and contract negotiation for independent sewers
  • Prepare course material and create handouts to participants as needed
  • Provide instruction and demonstration of industrial sewing skills
  • Report and track students progress on teacher handbook
  • Administrate sewing evaluation


  • Experience and skills in industrial sewing, standards and techniques.
  • Experience in apparel production
  • Must be comfortable using industrial sewing machines
  • Ability to adapt industrial sewing skills teaching methods to allow for individual abilities and experiences.
  • Experience in teaching a class of approximately 10 participants is desired.
  • Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills, including cultural competency, with the ability to teach participants with varying English language ability.
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Respect confidentiality of participants at all times.
  • Maintain a positive, optimistic and nonjudgmental attitude
  • Respects the beliefs, religion and culture of all participants’ communities.
  • Maintain a strong commitment and work ethic.


111 south Lander Street

Seattle WA 98134


To apply for this position, email your résumé to Sandrine Espie by Friday December 18th